Dirty Money

Wtf, WF? After a series of unfortunate* scandals, Wells Fargo has promised to clean up their act. 350 Silicon Valley thinks they could start by reining in the fossil fuel funding. Yep, in addition to its portfolio of fake accounts and consumer abuses, Wells Fargo has been quietly backing Big Oil in a big way for decades. Surprised? Me neither. 

Let them know the jig is up by downloading your free graphic here
Download in glorious 15×20 to make a big stink!
Download in 8.5×11 for a small-footprint fuss!

Then join the oilywells.com march this weekend to show them you’re on it! Or just print this li’l beauty out and do whatever it is you do with art people just hand you like it’s nothing.

Feeling fancy? How about lazy? You can upload a Jpeg to Walgreens.com and get a mounted print on paperboard, cheap, for same-day pickup. Easy peasey.

Download 16×20 Jpeg to print at Walgreens (Don’t worry. Further instructions on linked page. You’ve got this!)


*Unfortunate because they got caught doing something that was technically illegal. Banks abuse consumers all day, every day, on principal. My own bank charges me $12/mo for the privilege of letting them hold onto my money and lend it out, at interest, to others. They call this a “service fee,” which seems to be a fancy name for a inside job as far as I can tell.

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