Pick It Up!

You pick up your mess – why should the neighbors sit home watching football while you rock the whole civic duty thing? Tell folks to get with the program with this chipper yet irony-laden “Vote” sign. Then revel in the knowledge that you’re not just right, you’re rightest.

Download your free graphic here
Download in glorious 11×17 or
Download in classic 8.5 x 11

Feeling fancy? How about lazy? You can upload a Jpeg to Walgreens.com and get a mounted print on paperboard, cheap, for same-day pickup. Whoo hoo! And no, I don’t get kickbacks from Walgreens. I’m trying to spare you the heartache of trying to get stuff printed at ripoffs like Zazzle who charge $30 for a dinky little sign and jack up their “shipping fees” to $25 if you want it sooner than two weeks.

Download 11×14 Jpeg to print at Walgreens (Don’t worry. Further instructions on linked page. You’ve got this!)

Going Down

Government happens. And…yeah. It actually matters who’s in charge. Ashby BART station, Berkeley, Ca.

Thanks to the wonder of the Internets, you can print your own barricade tape. 4over4 is one option, but feel free to source your own. It’s not exactly cheap – even the outfits that draw you in with inexpensive pricing wind up jacking up the cost with “first time set-up fees” (eyeroll), but in the end, it’s worth having your say in Yellow Alarmer. The only thing to watch out for is that your artwork needs to be 20″ wide or less.