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this is not a drill

Light a fire under it, already! YOU march, YOU read, YOU vote – so what the hell are the rest of these clowns thinking? Turn up the heat with this easy-to-make slap tag PSA. Perfect for dressing up that empty office lobby, parking lot exit, or public restroom door!

This under-the-radar beauty is right-sized at 7″x10″ and prints on an 8.5″ x11″ page. Beware of overpriced “Sticker Project” packets that go for $1/sheet – look for full sized shipping labels because for your purposes, it’s the same thing. Office Depot charges $30/per100 for their house brand; most office supply stores will have something similar. Avery makes a high-opacity sheet that sells for ten bucks more, but if you’re posting on a solid background, the cheap stuff should be fine.

Download your free sticker here
Slap it to me! I’m smart enough to know this is a damn graphic and the “sticker” part of things is up to me

Be sure to print your PDF with the “actual size” rather than “fit” option in the print dialog box. For outdoor use, protect your masterpiece by weather-proofing it with packing tape. Start at the bottom and add overlapping strips, one by one, til you reach the top. Cover, cut and serve.

Gratuitous Disclaimer: If you’re planning to put these anywhere besides your own backpack, lunchbox, or forehead, be advised that defacing public or private property is illegal, and illegal things are unlawful. Law-abiders and parolees may want to print these as repositionable stickers, which are totally a thing. VoteBitch does not condone criminal acts of any kind, including sticker bombing, piracy, or dressing dogs in stupid outfits unless it’s to mock them.

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