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Pick It Up!

You pick up your mess – why should the neighbors sit home watching football while you rock the whole civic duty thing? Tell folks to get with the program with this chipper yet irony-laden “Vote” sign. Then revel in the knowledge that you’re not just right, you’re rightest.

Download your free graphic here
Download in glorious 11×17 or
Download in classic 8.5 x 11

Feeling fancy? How about lazy? You can upload a Jpeg to and get a mounted print on paperboard, cheap, for same-day pickup. Whoo hoo! And no, I don’t get kickbacks from Walgreens. I’m trying to spare you the heartache of trying to get stuff printed at ripoffs like Zazzle who charge $30 for a dinky little sign and jack up their “shipping fees” to $25 if you want it sooner than two weeks.

Download 11×14 Jpeg to print at Walgreens (Don’t worry. Further instructions on linked page. You’ve got this!)

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