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Stencil Us In

Making stencils isn’t actually DIFFICULT – just a little time consuming. Set your typography how you want it (hell, you can draw it), then add in white “bridges” to keep it all together. If you’re not sure where you’ll need them, visit a font site like and search “stencil” to see how they work. Place your artwork over a robust substrate (poster board works; we’ll be trying out some plastics this weekend and tell you how it goes). Be sure to keep your art taped down to the substrate to avoid slippage – or just lightly tack it with spray-on adhesive. Then cut, using a sharp Exacto blade. Place a cutting mat or piece of cardboard underneath to avoid ruining your working surface. For fine work, change out your blades frequently to keep things looking sharp!

One and half hours to cut this bastard. Oh, my aching back. NEXT time, we’ll make our message shorter. Maybe, Vote, Bitches?

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